Thursday, August 31, 2017

Know an amazing Pizza technique, that will make you enjoy your studies!

How can you study without getting tired? Well, don’t study! That will be best way to stop getting tired! :)   

Okey, let’s be a little serious and hear some of the famous dialogs as we start studying:
  • I am bored!
  • I hate history and I have the exams tomorrow!
  • Been 2 hours I am studying but I don’t remember anything!
  • I have so much to complete. How will I ever be able to do it?
  • I never could stick to my study schedule! No point in making one.
All the above dialogs are common and believe me, it’s natural to feel or think so. Each one including your parents, grandparents, teachers have faced similar issues! They have gone through all this - happily or sadly. 


Yes, You know what? Your brain and mind is crazy! It requires a little discipline to be able to use them optimally. Just a little discipline and you probably can study more in less time and enjoy more playing. How? Follow the Pizza technique to study.

Study like eating a Pizza!

  1. Set aside a SET time every day for studies. Say 4 PM to 5 PM or whatever works with you. This time is for studies and at this time, it’s just studies and nothing else.
  2. Study in the blocks of 20 minutes each. 20 minutes is a good duration to study focused.
  3. Take short breaks (5 mins) after every 20 mins focused study time. 
  4. Rehearse and Revise – Repetition is a mother of learning.

Crap! What's the guarantee it works?
  • Setting aside a fixed time every day, ensures your brain gets into a habit of learning during that time. It's like we get up every day at the pre-decided time. 
  • Researchers have found out that 20 mins is the best time to keep brain focused. This duration can go up by practice but 20 mins is good to start with.
  • You can choose to do anything during break, just don’t engage into activities that don’t end in 5 mins. E.g. you start playing a game which you kept on “pause” as break ended. Now while you are on the next subject, half of your attention is on remaining game! Play games those end within 5 mins. Hear music, read story book, watch cartoon, eat or whatever that you enjoy and can end within 5 mins.
  • Have you seen rechargeable batteries? How do they work? You recharge them once they are exhausted, right? The 5 mins break does the same things to your brain. It recharges your brain cells for next 20 mins study time. It works wonders to remain focused!!! 
Isn't 20 mins an easy doable thing? :)

Interesting! Keep going!

Nothing more my buddy! Here are 3 basic rules to keep in mind:
1.   20 mins study is “focused” study. No distractions and only study.
2.   5 mins break is a “focused” break. Do what you enjoy during this time.
3.   Lastly ensure the 5 mins break is actually 5 mins. :)

This is one of the most easy technique you have heard. Isn't it simple? Would love to hear you comments and feedback.

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