Vizi - Who am I?

Dear Kids and their Parents, 

Do you know that your brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than textual information? Yes, it’s true. J You would agree that a visual memory is a lot stronger than auditory memory. A picture once seen is remembered for a longer time compared to a text that was read.   

Meet Vizi, your study buddy, the android app that helps students memorize concepts and information better and longer. Vizi believes in smarter ways to do things. Our brain works on references and related facts. With this in mind, Vizi has built VizCharts from the CBSE text books. Each textbook chapter is converted into simple and easy to understand series images/pictures so that revision of chapters is a matter of minutes.

Use Vizi and learn differently and better. Kids are smart and they need to be taught smartly too.

Also, keep visiting the Vizi blog for some interesting tips and tricks to improvise learning. Some will show you how can you improve your memory, some will give tips for an exam day. Some will even tell you how NOT to get bored!

Vizi is here to make learning an interesting experience. Never spend hours reading text book - spend minutes and look at what Vizi has built for you - VizCharts! Click here to download ViZI


PS: ViZI currently hosts only 8th standard subjects.

Watch this video to know more about Vizi.

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